At CherryHue we increase your visibility to the users and let your business earn.

CherryHue is a company with vision and the vision is to keep our clients happy and make their business grow. We understand that our business grows with you and we will do our level best to best suit your needs and meet your requirements for design.

About Us

CherryHue is a complete solution to all your Web, Multimedia and Application related needs. We do Graphical User Interfaces for multiple platforms which include Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Websites for your users
CherryHue is very focused at bringing your designs to your users and hence making a web presence felt in areas that you never imagined before. Fresh designs every time and what else, NOW you have the option to choose from an existing design, available templates or you can have a ONE TIME web site (this web design will never be re-sold by us to any of our clients)

Branding / Multimedia
Business presentations, tutorials, walkthroughs, electronic cards, eMailer, Logos, Brand Identity Designs in animation software of your choice to enhance your business.

Graphical User Interfaces
Applications for your company are very focuses at the target users. These must confirm to various Usability standards and guidelines put forward by Apple Mac OS-X, Linux-GNOME, KDE, Windows XP in the form of Human Interface Guidelines. We make sure that the designs are in sync with these latest guidelines and are usable for the end users.

The Team
CherryHue has a team of talented designers and developers eager to help turn your vision into reality. When working with us you’ll get the option to discuss the design and development flow with our team that best suits your business so your website design is sure to be one you’ll love and easy to use. Please visit our portfolio to familiarize yourself with the work of our team.